Interested in learning how you can get started selling ACE with NO MONEY out of your pocket?
image005ACE Appetite Control & Energy (or “ACE Diet Pill” or “ACE Weight Loss” as they are known) is selling like crazy everywhereright now.
This revolutionary Natural supplement has become so incredibly popular because IT WORKS.  ACE really does significantly reduce your appetite and gets rid of cravings and it also provides incredible energy!  It is so rewarding to be involved with a product that is changing peoples’ lives in every state in the country.
Here is how you do it!  There are two ways:
Become an ACE Distributer for FREE – Method One
Tell everyone you know that you are just starting out selling this Amazing Weight Loss product called ACE.
If someone wants to place an order from you, tell them that you are taking money up front for their product and can get it delivered in a few days to them.
The cost of ACE is $60 a bottle ~ $1 a capsule.  They will feel a difference within an hour after  taking ACE.  An increase in energy, a decrease in appetite and they  will have portion control when they eat!  In short…..they WILL feel  amazing!
When you get 8 people to order, collect their money UP FRONT and DEPOSIT into your bank account.
$60 x 8 friends = $480
Start your business with a “Momentum Pack” (TWELVE BOTTLES OF ACE) for $435 by ordering online at Your kit is $435 plus shipping of $12.50 = $447.50 total.
TWELVE bottles arrive at your home.
DELIVER the 8 bottles of ACE to your LUCKY friends
Keep one for yourself (yay! That’s FREE)
You will than have 3 extra bottles ON HAND to sell to another friend/customer.
You will PROFIT $212.50 in the process!
$60 x 3 extra bottles = $180
Plus $480 – $447.50 = $32.50
= $212.50 TOTAL PROFIT

Become an ACE Distributor – Method Two
Find FOUR friends who would LOVE to purchase a bottle of ACE at the RETAIL price of $60
Collect their money UP FRONT and DEPOSIT into your bank account.
$60 x 4 friends = $240
Start your business with an “Accelerator Pack” (SIX BOTTLES OF ACE) for $235 by ordering online at
SIX bottles arrive at your home.
DELIVER the 4 bottles of ACE to your LUCKY friends
Keep one for yourself (yay! That’s FREE)
SELL the 6th bottle to another friend/customer and PROFIT $60 in the process!
SHARE your AMAZING journey with ACE and watch the REST of your friends and family jump on board as well!
A lot of people start using one of these methods and are amazed that they can build their business this way.
WHO wouldn’t want to get started for FREE, and make a profit at the same time…..  All with an Amazing Product that sells and really WORKS!!!!
Let me know if you have any questions….I would love to have you on my team (the “ACE Angels”!!) and get your business off to an Amazing start.  ♥
image008Anyone who enrolls as a new Distributor on my team will receive an ACE Bling Water Bottle as a special gift from me.
When you are ready, you can get started IMMEDIATELY at
If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call anytime at 832-272-4586 or email me at
Wishing you much success (and FUN)!!
Deborah ElwellAuthorized Distributor
ACE Appetite Control & Energy
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